St. Joris

St. Joris

Completely colored glazed bricks designed to fit in with traditional facades,
modern architecture and everything in between.

Science Studio Stroud

Stroud, England

Makkah Masjid
Scheepvaartkwartier Amsterdam Osdorp
Berkel en Rodenrijs
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St. Joris is Europe’s biggest producer of glazed bricks. We have achieved that mainly by never losing sight of our devotion to the craft and that is found especially in our artistic nature. At our own product development department our designers experiment with new ideas regarding shapes, dimensions, structures and colours.

St. Joris employs only the best glazing specialists. They not only provide breathtaking colours, but also a top quality product that is more than a match for frost, heat or graffiti.

Mitred corners are cut before the windowsill bricks go into the kiln. Our windowsill bricks are seen far and wide. Both at home and abroad. Whether for imposing windows or corner windows, the St. Joris windowsill bricks are made to ensure that all constructions drain correctly.

St. Joris

Offers a huge collection of glazed bricks that are designed in-house, in partnership with you if possible.

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