Mortar & Cement

Mortar & Cement

Always speak with your salesperson to find out what the recommended mortar or cement type is right for the very many Belden Tri-State Building Materials’ products.

Remember: not all mortar or cement is created equal!

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For over a century Lehigh Companies have built a solid reputation for supplying high masonry and cement products. Their wide range of colors, including custom mortar matching capabilities, shows their continued commitment to creativity, versatility and integrity.

Lehigh Custom Color Cements are carefully proportioned, highly accurate blends of quality materials including masonry cement, hydrated lime, portland cement, and iron oxide pigments. Lehigh Custom Color Cements are manufactured under controlled conditions assuring reliable performance, and providing consistent color, batch after batch.

Cement manufacturing starts at a quarry where limestone and shale are mined, crushed and blended with sand, mill scale and clay. These raw materials are introduced into a rotary kiln where temperatures can exceed 2700 degrees Farenheit.

Under these conditions the raw materials experience chemical and physical changes to form clinker. Clinker and gypsum are introduced to a finish mill where they are ground until a desired fineness is achieved. Changes can be made to the raw materials, burning temperatures and finish mills to create different types of cement such as Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V, and Type N and S Masonry Cements.