Mora Ceramicas

Mora Ceramicas

Fourth generation of brick manufactures with more than 50 years in
the ceramic industry, making Mora Ceramicas one of its leaders.


From our factories located in Spain we export our Klinker bricks to the five continents. There is a great facade brick tradition and where recently outstanding buildings have been developed.

Mora Ceramicas uses natural gas and re-use thermal energy with the objective of reducing the environmental impact and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Complying at all times with the international protocols and using the most updated technologies in the ceramic industry (MTD).

Besides Our photo-voltaic plant producing solar energy, we manufacture a one hundred percent natural products, inert and without pollutant substances. We use photodegradable packing and do not use raw materials that can damage the ecosystem.

At our technical laboratory, we are continuously testing to develop new colors for our bricks based on different types of clays and natural minerals purchased in several regions of Spain.

Our objective is to develop all sizes and colors demanded by our customers all around the world.

Our meticulous quality control in our laboratory and during the production process allows us to improve the technical characteristics of our bricks like absorption, compression resistance, geometry properties etc.

Mora Ceramicas

Offers the best quality Klinker Facade color through brick and exports them to the five continents.

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