La Covadonga

La Covadonga

Over one hundred and twenty-five years of research and innovation
dedicated to the modern history of bricks.

Chantier Boucicaut

Boucicaut Rue des Cé vennes, Paris, France

APC Clothing Store

8420 Melrose Place, Los Angeles


Flé malle, Belgium

Project K50 KROST

Moscow, Russia

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Cerámica La Covadonga has its origins in the year 1886, initially manufacturing facing bricks, hollow bricks and ceramic vaults. The fact that La Covadonga possess it's own quarries, with clay of exceptional characteristics, and a production system advanced for the age, allowed them to quickly establish our position in the market.

From the first colored glazed brick to the present day, La Covadonga has made over 200 different models, complementing it's offer with the design and manufacture of over 1,200 special shapes.

One of Cerámica La Covadonga´s greatest assets is its philosophy of collaboration and individual attention given to each customer, in order for these to benefit from the best finish from their building project.

La Covadonga

Offers glazed bricks, metallic glazed bricks, rusticated bricks, matt bricks and pavers. With a wide range of 200 colors on request, the possibilities are endless.

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