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Glass units are available in an array of patterns, colors, and even textures - adding further design choices.

Talk to your sales representative today about incorporating IBP’s beautiful glass block products and let the sun shine in!

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IBP Glass Block Grid System


The IBP Glass Block Grid System sets real glass block in a precision engineered, custom-manufactured aluminum grid. Use IBP Glass Block for windows, door surrounds, or for glass partitions, skylights and floor panels that transmit natural light. For LEED projects requiring Light Transmission, IBP’s products are the perfect answer! IBP glass block floor or window accents are easy to handle and install--usually in about the same time as their conventional glass-pane counterparts or poly-carbonate substitutes.

Because skilled labor is generally not required, an IBP grid system can cost less to install than traditional mortared glass block or glass pavers and the state of the art design allows compensation for sever weather changes that make traditional mortared glass block crack or distort. Gray mortar joints tend to limit the aesthetic appeal of traditional glass block installations but IBP offers a variety of grid colors which harmonize well with any building design, inside or out.


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