Girnghuber GmbH, better known as GIMA, continues
a long tradition in the production of clay materials.

NIEHOFF Hauptverwaltung

Bar-Format Clinker

Ärztekammer Friedrichstr

Euro Module Clinker

Marquard & Bahls

Bar-Format Clinker

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With GIMA's quality products, it is not only an important supplier for the region, but also provides its customers outside of Germany with convincing individual solutions and innovative approaches.

The products manufactured here include:

• Clinker and facing brick
• Euro-module clinker
• Old Bavarian hand-made brick and floor tile
• Facing brickwork – prefabricated elements
• Acoustic tile
• Paving clinker
• Clinker tile
• Roof tile
• Brick

Please note GIMA materials conform to European Specifications and are only available in standard European sizing. European standard for masonry material exceed the specifications in the ASTM C216.

The clinker in bar format is an extruded vertically perforated brick or facing clinker brick with and without perforation ratio - a proven and tested quality product from GIMA that far exceeds the minimum requirements of DIN 105 and/or EN 771-1.


Offers a wide variety of exceptional Clinker and Handmade bricks

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