Architectural Concrete

Architectural Concrete Masonry (CMU)

Belden Tri-State Building Materials partners with the nation’s best and largest producers of architectural concrete masonry units (CMU). Please contact us for help with picking the best materials for your next project.

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Westbrook Concrete Block


Westbrook Concrete Block is one of the nation’s largest producers of architectural concrete masonry units (CMU). Westbrook Block has been committed to the innovation of concrete masonry for over 75 years. Westbrook Block is more than just a producer of gray block — their aim is to elevate the applications of concrete masonry through A complete line of architectural finishes and broad spectrum of colors; providing CMU that is cost effective, environmentally-friendly, strong and decorative.

Kingston Block

Kingston Block

KBMS has pioneered a sustainable concrete product line, using Pozzotive®, a post-consumer supplementary cementitious Pozzotive® material (SCM). Because it is derived from recycled post-consumer glass and replaces Portland Cement, the use of Pozzotive® in concrete products dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the need for virgin mined materials, and saves valuable landfill space. Additionally, concrete products that use Pozzotive® can also help in earning valuable LEED points, and contribute towards sustainable goals.

KBMS's sustainable product line has been very well received, and used by the majority of the nation's top architecture and engineering firms. Over three million concrete masonry units (CMU) and concrete brick have been produced using Pozzotive®, and have been installed in landmark sustainable projects throughout the New York metropolitan area and beyond.