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Belden Tri-State Building Materials

Belden Building Services and Solutions with offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and a partnership network in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, California and Washington DC, servicing the construction community since 1930. Along with our parent company the Belden Brick Company we dedicated to service, quality selection and value.

Belden Tri-State Building Materials has been and always will be the leader for the industry. In 1930 our office was first to establish services only for the Architectural community. Today we continue the tradition with the largest most diverse and best trained professionals. We were the first to handle all our logistics and today thru our rail, container facilities and trucking fleet we can service any type of delivery. Our dedicated drivers and various equipment meet the needs of downtown urban areas to rural job sites.

We were the first in the country to import European brick and currently represent the best plants in Europe, from 24-inch-long roman brick to custom glazes. We have the whites and coolest grey brick in the world. We have what the Architects demand. Our focus is on the highest quality and selection. We value add the door to door service other imports cannot.  We independently test our European brick to US standards while many of the imports do not meet the ASTM standards, all of ours do. We have containers on the sea daily and even stock several imports for immediate delivery. Additionally, last year we delivered brick to 162 cities in 60 countries and have an agent in Europe.

We created a new company, Cladding Concepts International with European ventilated facades from metals to Terra-cotta and high performance concrete panels. From Compact Laminates to Porcelain systems that have endless possibilities. We have three in house Architects in addition to the best trained sales people in America. Many of today's projects use multiple materials and we can service all their needs and coordinate deliveries to ensure smooth on time projects. We can provide design assistance from material selections to shop drawings and takeoffs to on site project management.

Our through the wall systems approach gives the Architects and Developers peace of mind.